UI Design


UI Design

About the Project

Budgeteer is a concept app design project I've created. The app primary function is budget managing. It is designer to be straight-forward, and it does so by eliminating unnecessary features that other budget-managing apps offer, leaving the users with only the necessary information they need, when they need it.

Visual Design

Main Screen

The main screen displays a carefully selected bright color scheme, which allows the user to successfully use the app even in the darkest environments, such as bars or restaurants. A bold and very intuitive main Call to Action invites the user to interact with the app's core functionality: adding an expense.

main screen

Add Amount

Clean, bright and intuitive interface.

The users can choose to categorize their expenses using various predefined categories, or create a new one of their own.

add amount screen

Informative Graphs and Timeline

These screens show the different expenses made by the user, color coded by their various categories, during a user-defined time period.

graph and timeline screens

Wireframes and User Flow

User Flow

The Logo

Budgeteer's logo is designed to present a fusion between the letter 'B' (first letter in Budgeteer), and the number 3, which represents the financial aspect of the app.

Budgeteer Logo