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Lend It!

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About the Project

Lend it! is an app designed to provide users with a quick an easy way to make and save money, by lending items they don't often use. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive, and it follows Google's Material Design Guidelines.

The Problem

The problem identified was the lack of apps that allow people to share items which they rarely use. Although there is an influx of second-hand selling apps, no app addresses the issue of lending \ borrowing items for money.

The Solution

The solution is Lend It! - A simple and quick way to make extra money! By lending things they don't often use, users can generate extra income. Similarly, by lending items they need for a single use, and not purchasing them, users can save money and avoid purchasing unnecessary items.

Lend It! utilizes the smartphone's location services, and allows the users to find items that are relatively close to them (or on their path). By doing so, Lend It! eliminates the need for costly and ineffective shipping.

Target Audience

Lend It! targets users between the ages of 18-34 who have a busy life, and constantly live under a tight schedule. They are constantly looking for creative and quick ways to generate extra income. The average user will have past experience with commencing monetary transactions using a smartphone.

Competitive Analysis

competitor analysis


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First iteration of sketches.



Low-fidelity wireframes, created with Balsamiq.


User Flow

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user flow

Visual Design

Lend It! 's user interface design follows Google's Material Design guidelines. As an Android based app, the most appropriate design approach was to follow familiar design patters, navigation, colors, layouts, typography, grid, and touch target sizes.

Visual Grid

The Screens

Visual Design
Visual Design
Visual Design
Visual Design
Visual Design
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