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Amazon Prime Now

UX/UI Design, User Research, Mobile App Design

About the Project

The Amazon Prime Now redesign project is a concept project I've decided to work on, since the app desperately needs a redesign. Its current design is outdated and unappealing. My new design includes user research, user interviews, microinteractions and of course, visual design compositions.

The Current Design

prime now current design

Empathy Maps

To get a better understanding on Prime Now's users, I've created personas to which I've associated different characters, attributes, goals, tasks and pain points. I've created empathy maps for a better visual representation of the persona's goals, tasks, feelings, influences, and pain points.

empathy map
empathy map


The storyboards I've created help to enhance the roundness of the personas, and assists in understanding the way in which they use the app.


Visual User Flow

The visual user flows focus on three primary tasks that the average user often perform while using the app.

visual user flow

Medium-Fidelity Wireframes

These medium-fidelity wireframes were used as the primary prototype for the first cycle of user testing. Were created using Illustrator and then were synced with InVision.


Visual Design

The screens were designed using a consistent grid and after all conclusions from the user research were taken into considiration.

visual design
visual design
visual design
visual design
Visual Design

Live Prototype

The final live prototype was created with InVision.

View the Live Prototype Here


The animated microinteractions enhance the users' experience and delight. These examples were created using After Effects.




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phone mockup